Advanced Game Theory

A. Static Games of Complete Information

  • Timing Games
  • Supermodular and Submodular Games
  • Population Games
  • Learning Nash Equilibrium

B. Static Games of Incomplete Information

  • Bayes Nash Equilibrium; purification
  • Correlated Equilibrium
  • Common Knowledge
  • Refinement of Nash Equilibrium via Information Trembles: Email game and global games

C. Dynamic Games of Complete Information

  • Finite Horizon Games and the Zermelo Algorithm
  • Time inconsistency, hold-up problem
  • Subgame Perfect Equilibrium
  • Bargaining as an Ultimatum Game
  • Timing Games; bargaining as a timing game
  • The Folk Theorem
  • Markovian Ito Process Games, dynamic contests

D. General Extensive Form Games

  • Sequential Equilibrium, perfect recall and the absent minded driver; source amnesia
  • Dynamic Games of Incomplete Information
  1. Signalling Games
  2. Cheap Talk
  3. Bargaining with Incomplete Information and the Coase Conjecture
  4. Repeated games of incomplete information
  5. Reputation
  6. Timing Games with Incomplete Information (*)
  • Dynamic Games of Imperfect Information
  1. Stochastic Games and Dynamic Programming
  2. Dynamic Games in Continuous Time with Imperfect Monitoring
  • Dynamic Games of Imperfect and Incomplete Information