I am curious about many aspects of economic theory, and like each paper to be a voyage of discovery, and often is a one-off. I have so far written on game theory and various aspects of information economics such as search, matching, and learning. A couple papers are currently well cited now, and help formulate two vibrant research agendas.  I hope that others will one day be thus. I think that when doing theory, one must allow oneself a longer impact time horizon than for more applied work.

I am very much appreciative of the continued financial assistance from the National Science Foundation for writing these papers (grants 1995-1997, 1997-2000, 2000-3, 2003-6, 2006-9, 2009-12, 2015-17), which requires that I sustain this web page.


Research by Genre (to avoid double counting, I list each paper under only one topic):

Information Economics

       Pure Search Theory

       Information, Learning, and Experimentation

       Assortative Matching

       Matching with Information Frictions

       Contagion Economics

Game Theory

       Timing Games

       Repeated Games

Implicit Markets