Pure Search Theory

My work includes the first characterizations of (1) optimal static (simultaneous) search for heterogeneous options, (2) optimal search for multiple homogenous units, and (3) optimal search with selection effects (hidden and observed components)

  1. Simultaneous Search with Hector Chade (Econometrica, 5-2006)
  2. Search at the Margin with Tono Carrasco (forthcoming American Economic Review, 2017)
  3.  Optimal Search Among Alternatives with Michael Choi

En route to writing the last paper, Michael and I wanted to understand when quasi-concavity was preserved under integration. We resolved that, and a larger class of ordinal aggregation results starting with the single crossing property, by realizing the genius of a classic math result of Samuel Karlin:

“Ordinal Aggregation Results via Karlin’s Variation Diminishing Property”, Choi and Smith (Journal of Economic Theory, 2016)